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Super-agent Mino Raiola attacks Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, calls him a coward and a dog

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Mino Raiola has launched a verbal attack on Pep Guardiola

The Super-agent has called Pep Guardiola insulting names such as ‘Coward and a dog’ in a verbal attack on the manager.

The long running feud between the agent and Spanish coach started as a result of Zlatan Ibrahimovic treatment during his Barcelona spell.

Ibrahimovic moved to Barcelona from Inter Milan in 2009 in a £40million deal with Samuel Eto’o also moving to Inter. The Swede player scored 21 goals in 45 appearances but played just 1 season with the Catalan giants after a fallout with Guardiola.

He left for loan to AC Milan which was later made a permanent deal.

Ibrahimovic is among Raiola’s big clients and he has reopened his feud with Guardiola with this recent verbal attacks on the manager.

The agent insisted he would rather see his clients play for other teams than a team managed by his nemesis. The agent said “Pep Guardiola, the coach, is fantastic, as a person he’s an absolute zero. He’s a coward, a dog.

“He’s a classic priest. ‘Do as I tell you – don’t do what I do….’ If Manchester City win the Champions League this season it will emphasise what a good coach he is – but I’ll hate it.

“Guardiola told Zlatan to go to him if he ever had any problems or complaints.

“But then he just ignored him and wasn’t playing him. He didn’t even say: ‘Hello’ to Zlatan.

“Guardiola did the same to Maxwell who is a lovely lad.

“So I told Zlatan to go and park his Ferrari in the manager’s spot!”

Ibrahimovic missed out on a Champions League 2011 final which saw Barca defeat Manchester United due to his timing of Nou Camp exit.

The Swede’s career has been decorated with 11 league championships and one Europa League title. The Champions League has eluded him despite having played for some of Europe’s biggest clubs.

And Mino Raiola still remembers Guardiola’s role in that fact.

“I went for him that night in the corridors at Wembley – only Adriano Galliani, AC Milan’s chairman, stopped me,” he added.

“Lucky for Guardiola

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