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Gerard Pique leaves Spanish Training ground amidst security as training lasted only 23mins

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Spain’s opening training session in Madrid was filled with a lot of tension on Monday, which was a day after Independence referendum for Catalan in Barcelona was mired by brutality from police and politically fuelled violence.

Gerard Pique was seen voting in the referendum, this angered Madrid spectators as he bore the brunt of ire from them. The defender was greeted with a chorus in boos and hisses as he emerged from the tunnel.

Gerard Pique is a core supporter of Catalan culture and has be a target of abuse and criticism by Real Madrid and Spain fans for his stance in politics.

As reported by David Cartlidge of FourFourTwo magazine, a large chunk of the jeering fans went to the training ground only to abuse Pique.

Abusive signs were removed by Police and security staffs as some of the signs read: “Pique do not go, I want you to be kicked out. You make me sick.”

“Pique out.”

ESPN FC reported that several insulting banners were taken away from the fans as Pique was their sole target.

This led to an early end of the training to avoid things getting out of hand.

Pique was seen leaving the pitch with security staff as objects were thrown to his direction.

Pique was emotional on Sunday after the closed doer game against Las Palmas on Sunday. He described the match as “the worst moment of his career”

The defender also offered to leave the national team if anyone in the Spanish Federation sees him as a threat to the team.

“If anyone believes I am a problem for the federation, I will step aside from the national team before the World Cup.

Going with the national team is not a competition in patriotism, it’s about trying to play the best you possibly can.

What a sorry mess, and what a shame for all those kids who just wanted to see their favourite footballers up close.”

Pique could be forced to an early retirement as his position in the Spanish team looks unsustainable.

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